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Marine Actives

Source : Marine Actives and Formulations have better affinity towards Human Body. It contains ninety-eight minerals and trace elements that the human body needs for balance, to absorbs toxins and encourage the skin healing process.

They are present in proportions close to human blood plasma, and therefore close to our physiological needs.

Technology : 25 years of research and development supported with advanced technological processes, we offer innovative ingredients and formulations with breakthrough applications.

We have developed product lines that span Skin, Body and Hair care, produced to high standards of ecological, environmental and sustaineable principles. We offer products in bulk and do private label service as per customer needs.

Marine Flora

Product Name Activity
Hydra I Rich Hydrating
LamiSence Rejuvenating / Anti-ageing
Sea Boost Vitamin Rich (Vit. B and C)
FucoDerm Regenerating
Ulfence Skin Defence
Crithogen Soothing, Relaxing
SensiMer Anti-Irritation / sensitive skin
CytoProtect Pollution Shield

Marine Fauna

Product Name Activity
Pro – SDS Sun Damaged skin care
Colactive Marine Collagen
Orisqual Marine Squalene
Hydamer CMFP Skin care/ film forming
Hydamer DCMF Deoderent / fragrance retention
Hydamer HCMF Hair care application / coating

Marine Minerals

Product Name Activity
MgMer Remineralizing & Destressing
CalMer Remineralizing & Anti-Ageing
KMer Remineralizing & Anti-Fatigue
Seatom SD Spray dried sea water
Marine Clay Skincare / Haricare
Salts Rock / Deadsea / Arctic

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